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Printing solution for Schools

Q.R. Systems in partnership with Brother provides latest printing technology to from level of K1 to K-12 and colleges.

- K-12 schools need solutions that promote collaboration, support new student assessment plans, and comply with document security and privacy mandates, among other requirements.

- Given the ongoing lack of education dollars, this is no easy achievement, but advanced scanning technologies can help.

These technologies allow educators to implement digitally delivered educational experiences and enable schools to reduce the costs and complexity associated with managing paper by streamlining workflow and improving record keeping.

12 Ways to Use Scanners in the K-12 Classroom and Back Office

1. Scan optical mark recognition tests and forms for processing by grading software.

2. Support remote and distance learning by scanning and emailing class materials and tests to students, parents and tutors.

3. Encourage parental involvement by scanning and emailing student work.

4. Create PDF files of student term papers and projects for sharing and collaboration.

5. Create editable electronic copies of paper documents.

6. Scan and digitize books, photographs, newspaper articles, artwork and other materials for classroom presentation, student resources, sharing and archiving.

7. Scan student artwork and classwork for student portfolios.

8. Digitize student records to comply with FERPA

9. Create electronic copies of student health and medication forms.

10. Create electronic copies of bound materials, business documents and other papers for archiving or enterprise-wide distribution to teachers, parents and administrators.

11. Input paper documents into student information systems.

12. Digitize and email handwritten meeting notes.

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