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Get the best modern hardware and software capabilities.

Benefits of a modern server running Windows Server 2012 R2

Latest technology for new business scenarios

Comprehensive virtualization capabilities to consolidate servers and reduce consumed resources

Cost-effective storage using Storage Spaces, Storage Tiering, and Data De-duplication

Disaster Recovery, with replication intervals as little as 30 seconds

Access applications remotely while data is kept on the server

Built in cloud backup with Microsoft Azure

Full support for business continuity

Manage costs with active Warranties and availability of parts and services

Improved protection from security threats with latest updates

More powerful servers for faster and more reliable access to informliable access to information

Improved processing and throughput of the server hardware

2x the performance enhancements that help to make the process of live migration (virtual machines) faster, more streamlined, and more efficient

Reduced server footprint for increased efficiency and cost savings

Virtualize on modern hardware for 5x improvements in virtualization host support and 4x improvements in physical memory to optimize available server capacity.

Simplified management

Standards-based management across compute, storage and networking resources

Automation to eliminate manual tasks

Preinstalled for simplicity

Ease of deployment, installation, and set up

Convenient and cost effective

OEM Support