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latest IT equipment, computers, Operating Systems, Network equipment, notebooks, tablets and accessories at competitive prices are available. Most orders are shipped within 1 day depending on your request

PC Services

Web Filtering

Web filtering can help organizations balance employees personal internet needs while decreasing the risk of legal liability, maintaining adequate network bandwidth levels, and increasing productivity.

Remote Data Backup

Once a backup is created, Offsite Replication ensures that image and folder backups are immediately and automatically transferred and stored safely away from the business location. This process is completely automated and eliminates the need for a person to remember to take backup media, such as tapes, home or drop them off at a location for storage.

Patch Management

We provide fast, easy and reliable Patch Management to keep your servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Our Patch Management Software provides automatic discovery of all missing patches and updates.

Asset Management

By keeping track of your various PCS, software licenses, & warranties.

Cloud Solutions

We provide users with access to computing services such as analytics or networking via the internet.

Virus Protection

We provide automated virus protection.

E-mail Protection

We provide automated e-mail protection. We provide complete integrated solution that provides security protection for desktops, notebooks, and file servers

Software Distribution

Software Deployment/distribution provides the flexibility and reliability needed to deploy applications and updates automatically. From simple executable to complete application suites.

Managed and Server Services

- Server Monitoring and Manage Solutions

Let our server monitoring tools keep an eye on your servers and systems for you while you continue work on other productive tasks. When a condition or event arises that you need to be made aware of, you’ll be notified immediately and can take the corrective actions necessary. With a large selection of pre-configured reports available, we will help you to satisfy audit and compliance reports as well as show trends and bottlenecks without spending a day to do it. It’s time to start automatically monitoring your servers in real-time – today

- Data Backup Management

Backup procedures, ensuring that both data and software are regularly and securely backed up, are essential to protect against the loss of data and software and to facilitate a rapid recovery from an emergency, such as a computer failure, a virus infection, a flood or a fire which could result in the destruction of the original data. Data management involves knowing how to perform common file functions such as the copying/moving deleting of files, having a system whereby you can save and retrieve your files easy, and have up to date copies of files in the event of any data loss. The best way to think of file management is to think of a filing cabinet, an area where you can store and save files so that they are safe from harm and are kept in a logical way that makes it easy for you to find them in the future. It is important to keep this filing cabinet free of junk and clutter and have it arranged so you can easily access your important documents, images and other data items. No matter how often you save, always have backups of all your important files, on other media, and make sure that your backups are recent. Backups with files that have been edited substantially may be of no use.

- Security Administration

This helps to Protect PC, restrict access to Windows applications and password-protect boot. This utility allows you to apply access restrictions to PC, and to protect your privacy stopping others from tampering with your desktop/network. Deny access to Control Panel and its applets; disable interruption boot keys securing boot, context menus, DOS, Registry editing, Internet and Network access. Hide desktop icons, individual drives, Start Menu items, taskbar, task manager, tray icons. Apply password protection to Windows and restrict users to running applications. Control Internet Usage, spy on PC users. Security restrictions can be applied universally or to specific PC users.

-Server/workstation Updates

-Messaging Solutions

-Virus Protection

-Online Reporting

-Real-Time Support

-Zero free day active monitoring.